Sporting Dogs and Country Life

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It is interesting to me that painters inspire me a great deal. My work focusing on sporting dogs and working dogs is an extension of being enchanted by the paintings of sporting artists of t the past.

The fine drawings and pastels of Cecil Aldin make me smile, such joy in those lines. Painters such as A.J Munnings, Lionel Edwards, George Earl, Maud Earl, Percival Leonard Rousseau, John Emms, Ruben Binks, Thomas Blinks and Gustav Muss –Arnolt brought us beautiful paintings of sporting dogs and working dogs such as setters, spaniels, pointers, hounds, terriers, and lurchers or sight hounds. Stay tuned as new works are on their way.

Other inspirations for this work are sculptors such as Rembrandt Bugatti. His work from life is fluid and the surfaces are similar to the painters surfaces...the bold strokes of the painters I admire are similar to the bold surfaces Mr. Bugatti achieves in clay. This creates motion and fluidity which is a goal of mine and something I always try to achieve.

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