"The Pause"

"The Pause" -wild boars Animal sculptures in bronze and sterling both domestic and wild. - Wildlife and Animal Sculpture
"The Pause"

"Myrth" (17"h x 23"w x 34"l) Edition of 30

"Bob" (18"h x 19"w x 33"l) Edition of 30

together they are

"The Pause"

Two juvenile lion cubs pause in mid play, Bob very serious and Myrth pawing the air for attention.

Both were originally created to grace the entrance of a rural public library one on each side of the door welcoming visitors. They were to echo the Proud and serious lions of the New York Public library, to show that this small library offered the same wonderful service and attention to detail, albeit on a smaller scale....one room. So cubs instead of Adult lions were to be there mascots, to show the same heart ...in a smaller package.

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