Maureen Siobhán Riley
A Sculptor`s Biography.

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biography biography of Maureen Siobhan Riley - Maureen Siobhán RileyA Sculptor`s Biography.

Sculptor Maureen Siobhán Riley grew into the sporting life quite early, learning about gun dogs from her Granddad and about sculpture from his best friend, Walter Midener. The shooting sports - sporting clays, horses, scuba diving, archery and fishing have played a big part in her life from childhood to the present - these country pursuits being the inspiration, "the stuff" of her art. Educated at Eastern Michigan University and the University of Michigan, Riley chose sculpture as a medium in which to express her experiences and was soon exhibiting and selling her work at shooting events, the Safari Club, and international exhibitions in both Milan and Portofino, Italy as well as as England, where her work is currently presented.

Her work has also been shown in Smithsonian Institute and she is a member of the Society of Animal Artists and National sculpture society.

"Since I have known Maureen Riley, she has shown a dedication to her sculpture which in it itself is an inspiration. That, joined with her knowledge and ability to get to the core of her su subjects, in my estimation, helps her art connect with the rest of us." - Robert K. Abbett.

"Maureen Siobhán Riley's engaging sculptures are realistically rendered and packed with literary expression. They are a superb balance of technical prowess and creative innovation," says Renée Phillips, director of Manhattan Arts International and New York art critic. In particular, "Selkie – Skye to Sea" captured the attention of jurors of the "HerStory" competition in NYC, NY and received a Manhattan Arts International award.

Maureen is particularly taken by the words of two of her most admired artists.

"O, young artist you search for a subject. Your subject is yourself, your emotions in the p presence of nature" -Eugene Delacroix

"...The artist, on the contrary, sees; that is to say, his eye, grafted on his heart, reads d deeply into the bosom of nature" -Auguste Rodin.

"... sculpture is frozen music." - Brenda Putman

Influenced by Camille Claudel, a 19th Century French Figurative sculptor and by Rembrandt Bu Bugatti, a 19th Century Italian Animal sculptor, Maureen's work focuses on impressions of both animal and hu human forms.

She likes to call her work narrative portraiture. This is because her work is always of an individual, a personality, whether it comes in a human or animal form. Capturing the essence of a moment, and the ability to reveal a personality, an individual, a portrait, these are her goals.


  • Society of Animal Artists
  • Oil painters of America
  • National Sculptors Society
  • Society of Equestrian Artists
  • American Impressionists society

  • "I am constantly inspired by edges, surfaces, forms, color and space....all that come to together to create a sculpture or painting. If it reads clearly and depicts the excitement and movement of the subject then I have done my job."

    "My urge in art then, is to put into bronze and oil paint the grace and joy the countryside and wild places. The history of that place, and its inhabitants both human and animal. Those things inspire and catch my eye."
    "Mo" Maureen Riley

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