Wildlife and Animal Sculpture

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"A Scratch Player"4.5"h . 6"w . 3.5"d Bronze Limited edition of 50 -wild boars Animal sculptures in bronze and sterling both domestic and wild. - Wildlife and Animal Sculpture
"A Scratch Player"4.5"h . 6"w . 3.5"d Bronze
Limited edition of 50

This small titan with his circular composition has been favored by several artists. He has also been favored by being included in many exhibitions.

First he was part of an exhibition in the Smithsonian Institute. This exhibition was called the 3rd Worldwide Exhibition of Miniature art (hosted for the first time in the USA by the Miniature Painters, Sculptors, & Gravers Society in Washington, D.C.) it was held at The International Gallery, S. Dillon Ripley Center, Smithsonian Institution.

Then he was exhibited in Greenwich Village, New York as part of the 59th Annual Sculpture Exhibition by Pen and Brush society of New York, and finally he was included in the Animal in Art Exhibition at the Veterinarian School at LSU.

Four patina chemicals create colours uniquely enhancing surface and texture of each bronze edition. Which in a sense makes each piece in the edtion unique.

He is being offered in several larger sizes in bronze (including life size).

In the tradition of the old world decorative arts, the boar is also cast in sterling silver. Silver provides a perfect medium to represent the majesty of the wild boar.

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